Then store them for later use. Urtica dioica from Thomé, Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz 1885 Can you eat stinging nettle? My favorite way to make nettles is to put a little water in a pan and steam the leaves for a few minutes with the pan covered. In my various outdoor skills courses people often ask me if you can eat nettles. If you are trying to harness the benefits of stinging nettle root, you are going to have to dig a bit. After fermenting it for 5-6 weeks the nettle … Then you can add things like bows, arrows, knives, swords, brooms, tool boxes, wrenches, or whatever you want to personalize them. Holy crap!! If you are on the trail you can use an alternative method of preparing nettles used … The first time I tasted them, several years ago, I boiled them in water. Previous post: How to Make a Birch Bark Basket. Picking stinging nettles by hand is often easier than wearing gloves if you have calluses. At this stage it is best to quote John Wright (from his Hedgerow book) as he says it so well and thoroughly; 'At the first sign of flowers you must stop picking. Stinging Nettle Liquid Fertilizer. Tall, mature plants can even be harvested for their long fibres which are ideal for making textiles or ropes. Cattail Basket Making Book I think frying nettles after steaming them makes them even better. The flowers of white dead-nettle make a wonderful (sun) tea as well. Thick sleeves can be used as a substitute for gloves (wearing over your hands), though know that nettles also have a habit of finding bare skin and innocently brushing themselves against you. Learn to make two styles of birch bark baskets with this fun book ! Nettles can be dried and used later in soups, to make tea, or as a vegetable dish. Fresh nettle leaves can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-5 days. Honestly, just take a look at the pictures on this page to see what they look like. It is mid-August as I write this, and I am still harvesting young nettle leaves from plants that sent new leaves out from the nodes. They are not like shell-fish (only eat when there's an 'r' in the month), though there are some general guidelines that will help you pick and eat the best, edible nettles. What Parts of Stinging Nettle Can You Eat? The beauty of that cooking process, no matter how you do it, is that it renders the plant totally harmless. … We've all done it, or know someone who's been badly stung by nettles. Inflammation is your body’s way of healing itself and fighting infections. Love foraging? listeners: [], } Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stinging Nettles are common and easy to identify, so what's not to like?! I’ve also made great quiches substituting nettles for the spinach. Birch Bark Basket Book, My first survival skills book is now available on Amazon, How to Make Birch Bark Baskets. Urtica dioica, often known as common nettle, stinging nettle (although not all plants of this species sting) or nettle leaf, or just a nettle or stinger, is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the family Urticaceae.Originally native to Europe, much of temperate Asia and western North Africa, it is now found worldwide, including New Zealand and North America. Stinging nettle is a large, rhizomatous perennial wild edible plant that can grow quite tall. Web Development - Paddy Deakin. Though too many stings are sometimes too much to bare. Nettles are one of the most nutritious edible weeds you can find. Digging up a Bull Nettle root. Very nutritious. The dry leaves can also be powdered and added to just about any dish to add color, heartiness and nutrients. Cover the barrel with a lid because this liquid will have a strong smell! Nettle plants are great to eat, but you have to get past the hairs on the stalk and under the leaves. The needles differ little between those found on the leaves and the stem. Dried leaves can be used to make tea. For being so prickly, stinging nettle offers a surprising assortment of food! The key is to only let the plant touch the palms of your hand. If you have calluses on your hands, you can probably collect nettles barehanded as well. A nettle sting doesn't have to be problem; the sting brings blood to the skin's surface, thus stimulating blood flow. I'd love to show and teach you more about Stinging Nettles, including recipe ideas, find out more on my Wild Food Foraging Courses. Either steam or boil it. This is one plant you will want to add to your wild edible plant knowledge base. This should be common sense. The second edible part of stinging nettles is the tops of the plants throughout the season any time before the flower heads develop. The stinging qualities of the nettles disappear. The unusual common name of "dead nettles" alludes to the fact that, while it resembles stinging nettles, the stingers are dead on L. maculatum , rendering it harmless. The key is actually in drying the leaves in preparation for making tea later. You can find more on using plants for food on my wild edible plants page. Yes, you can eat stinging nettle. Stinging nettle is pretty easy to identify. } The first edible part of the plant is the young shoots. Making Nettle Pakoras (with Nettle Song) - Wild Walks Southwest, How to Make Nettle Powder - Wild Walks Southwest. Description. Demuths on 1st May 2018 said: Hi Hannah, No - avoid the stems and just enjoy the young leaves once cooked. Lamium purpureum grows with square stems to 5–20 cm (rarely 30 cm) in height. There are other ways to do it, though, so you can … Nettles are easy to identify and common throughout the US. Male flowers can be yellow or purple, while female flowers are green and white. Stinging nettle has been used for hundreds of years to treat painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. Both the leaves and the stem are safe for eating. Bull nettle seed pod which hold the tasty seeds. These junctures of leaves are called “nodes.”. If it’s later in the growing season, I usually only take the top two or three pairs of leaves. But, I prefer to harvest nettles without gloves and don’t get stung very often. Nettles cook down to about half their volume. Eating nettles in dishes you’d normally cook is a great idea. event : evt, The underside of the leaves have the same tiny, stinging hairs found on the stems. The marked counties are guidelines only. Harvesting stinging nettle tips in a birch bark basket. Cooking the plant inactivates its ability to sting you. The reason for the song lyrics is explained in my blog When NOT to eat Stinging Nettles, yet the song is self-explanatory really, so just watch and […], […] about how to preserve nettles so you can enjoy their goodness through the summer months. You may know, that I rate Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica) highly. There’s not much to making nettle tea. Rabbits can also eat the flowers of the stinging nettle. At home I use screens, in the wilderness I put the nettles on dark rocks. From nettle seeds on your pizza to dandelion sarnies, a gardener's worst enemy can be a gourmet delight By Fiona Duffy for MailOnline Bull nettle plant. I was really surprised to learn that you could actually eat nettle plants. Originally from Europe and Asia, this plant has sharp hairs that break easily and can irritate or sting when the plant is touched; however it is a vitamin-rich food source as well as a remedy for various medical conditions. First, you need to pick up the bud areas and cook it properly. The plants are usually about 4 to 8 feet tall. Reply to this comment. Samuel Thayer has a great section on eating nettles you can see his site here. The flowers on Stinging Nettles are like catkins; little tendrils of flowers dropping down from the stems, they tend to be green or yellowy-green in colour, so not always obvious to spot. People pick the roots, seeds, stems, young shoots and leaves of stinging nettle for food or medicinal use. In fact, you can use nettles as a substitute for spinach in any recipe for a healthier dish. I often fry them for a bit after I steam them. And the leaves can be used as a spinach alternative. Get exclusive access to my most treasured wild food recipes and the hottest tips on foraging every month. })(); © 2020 Rachel Lambert Caution: Nettle can be harvested for eating any time except when it's flowering or seeding. Nettle plants are great to eat, but you have to get past the hairs on the stalk and under the leaves. Boiled nettles are a lot like cooked spinach. Dead nettles have no sting but probably evolved to look like stinging nettles as a defence against predators. You can use the flowers as edible decoration on salads and spreads. ); Only young nettles or bright green tops of larger plants are usable for cooking unless flaming over a fire when more of the nettle can be used. It is not wise to eat nettles when flowering between June and October as they have a laxative effect and the plant will then contain cystolith crystals that can upset the urinary tract. Sometimes the leaves of stinging nettles are tinged purple. The plant has tiny hairs made of what is basically glass. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( The flowers on Stinging Nettles are like catkins; little tendrils of flowers dropping down from the stems, they tend to be green or yellowy-green in colour, so not always obvious to spot. Fibrous stems of mature plants can be used to make twine, fishing nets, snares and … Cooked nettles on a green ash plate. A pair of thin gloves will protect your hands from getting stung by nettles. Most people, myself included, have tender skin on their wrists and the backs of their hands and get stung there. Nettles help butterflies. These are best when harvested when they are around 6″ tall, I typically collect the top three or four leaf pairs. You want to dry the leaves spread out in the sun. Consider waiting; the nettles continue strong, and return every year. Learn to make cattail dolls with this how to make cattail dolls! Preparing and eating nettles is easy and fun. To make nettle tea all you do is boil nettles with water for a few minutes. The plants have simple, serrated leaves that come off the plant opposite one another. The key to having nettles to harvest during the summer and fall is to pick (and eat) the top 4 or 6 sets of leaves on the plants after 10-20 sets of leaves have grown on the plant. Then I take the cover off and let most of the water evaporate. I always eat the leaves leftover from the tea whether I am using fresh or dried leaves. Steaming stinging nettles is a great way to cook them. Stinging nettle is pretty easy to identify. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Nettles are one of my favorite wild edible plants. Thinking of nettle as a super-food reminds me to eat it often as a cooked green (it loses its sting when you cook it). Many of us are also tempted to pick delicious looking nettle leaves, even though our gloves are miles away in a forgotten cupboard. They make GREAT gifts and the people you give them to will just love them!!! In most cases, gloves are a good idea, as some contact with the leaves is likely to occur. Nettles usually grow in well-established patches of two to 10 square feet. So, look around and you can usually find some that are harvestable where others are not. Here's just 4 times it is good not to pick nettles for food. These nettle shoots can be steamed or boiled for a few minutes and eaten with a little butter and salt, or plain like I do. They need to stay in a closed container. The purple dead nettle is a common plant, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find some young plants from local plant nurseries. These hairs penetrate your skin and break, releasing a burning acid. Don't forget your gloves while you work — the nettles can still sting you. Stinging nettle can be eaten on its own or as an ingredient in foods. White and purple dead-nettles are delicious as well. You can even make a broth by adding salt to the dried, boiled leaves. Casual contact with any above ground part of the plant can cause a dermatological incident that is … Of course pollutatants can also be air-borne, so picking away from busy roadsides is recommended too. These hairs penetrate your skin and break, releasing a burning acid. Eaten with a little butter, they are delicious. Most people who say they don’t like edible wild plants love nettles prepared this way. Rabbits can eat both parts of the plant with equal ease. Something to consider. If you can't beat them, eat them! Nettle leaves must first be cooked or steamed to destroy the hairs on them, which contain a number of irritating chemicals. Nettles are key to the survival of butterflies, as they are the primary food … Use a kitchen knife or a set of shears to divide the stalks into sections that include roughly one leaf plus part of the stem. Once the plant is cooked (or dried), it can no longer sting you. Once you’ve bought young plants, simply transplant them to your garden after the last frost and give them around 1’ to 2’ of space between each other. on: function(evt, cb) { Like chickweed, you can (responsibly) forage for stinging nettles, but don’t harvest nettles (or anything, really) near a well-traveled road (unless you’re going for an essence of exhaust fumes).You’re looking for the young nettles, ideally just the top bits of plants (2, below) that are less than knee high. Required fields are marked *. And, you can continue to do this well into fall. I believe they are one of our most nutritious greens in the UK alongside the goosefoot family which includes Fat Hen (Chenopodium album), Good King Henry (Chenopodium bonus-henricus) and Oraches (Atriplex patula and Atriplex prostrata). I have other blogs that include recipes using nettles, and further nettle recipes in my wild food foraging book so here I wanted to focus on something different - when not to pick and eat them. Bull nettle flower and leaves. } The leaves are what your rabbit will nibble on first. Next, I add some olive oil and fry them for a few more minutes. Purple dead nettle is one of those plants that when you see a picture of it, you immediately recognize it, but never knew what it was called. Nettles will cook down to half their olume, so use more than you think you’ll need. You can pick a handful of … Thank you. I usually find them along rivers and streams growing in the shade. Preserving Nettle Plants. ... can you eat the nettle stems as well. When you pick the tops of the nettle, the plant will send out new leaves at each spot along the stem where the leaves come out. You will find that nettle leaves are almost as good after they’re dried as when they are fresh. The plant will now start producing cystoliths - microscopic rods of calium carbonate - which can be absorbed by  the body where they will mechanically interfere with kidney function.'. Stinging nettle has a range of uses, and many people find it to be an effective remedy. Sometimes I get the top four pairs but the lower leaves can be a bit stringy. } This need not be a problem, nor a reason to avoid that particular patch, though it tends to signify that the plant is tired or stressed in some way, which can make the leaves a little bitter. The leaves have fine hairs, are green at the bottom and shade to purplish at the top; they are 2–4 cm long and broad, with a 1–2 cm petiole (leaf stalk), and wavy to serrated margins.. The stinging nettle plant with its stinging hairs. Nettle have long roots to draw up nutriton and normally thrive in healthy and nitrogen rich soil, though do a little research and be sure you're picking from areas as free from pollutants as possible. Survival skills and bushcraft for the modern survivalist, Wilderness survival skills and outdoor survival skills, Yost Survival Skills School in Madison Wisconsin, How to Make a Primitive Fish Hook from Deer Bone, Making a Rock Hand Hold for Your Bow Drill Kit. While you do this, set a pot of salted water on the stove over high heat. My second survival skills book is now available on Amazon, How to Make Cattail Dolls. After a couple of weeks, you can harvest the fresh, new leaves the plant sends out at each node. But this nuisance of a plant is highly nutritious and readily available in most areas, making it one of the perfect wild plants to consume. You can buy it by clicking the image below. Alternatively, you can also grow them from seeds. It turns a rich, dark green in a few minutes. Take the leaves out of the sun as soon as they crumble in your hand. Plants may appear … Weigh them down with a stone and fill it up with water. You can make nettles into pesto, sauté them to top crostini, put them on pizza, ... My husbands 95 year old grandmother said she would always eat the nut. You can consume the leaves fresh, but if you want to preserve the nettle plants to be consumed or used later, there are a few things that you can try. Don’t harvest for food or medicine during or after this stage except in emergencies. You can get it by clicking the image below. Stinging nettle resembles clearweed (Pilea pumila), a non-toxic but unpalatable plant, but clearweed has no stinging hairs. While dead nettle plants are flowering perennials, stinging nettles, by contrast, are noxious weeds (but edible when properly prepared). Receive regular updates on news, recipes and events. On a sunny day white dead nettle, Lamium album, flowers can have a reserve of nectar at the base, if you have beaten the bees to them. This is a great little book and you can use all kinds of plants to make these dolls with... not just cattails. I usually put them in Ziploc bags that are cracked open about an inch and this works great for me. This signifies a change in this nutritious plant, a change that is of benefit to butterflies and moths, though not to humans. Once you get good at them, the plain doll will only take you about 30 minutes to make. There are two edible parts of the stinging nettle plant, both require cooking. Your email address will not be published. This signifies a change in this nutritious plant, a change that is of benefit to butterflies and moths, though not to humans. Stinging nettle definitely lives up to its name – it will sting like crazy if you brush up against it or handle the plants without wearing gloves. In addition to nettle soup you'll also find old recipes for nettle beer and nettle tea. If I'm planning to eat it, I harvest the tips (wearing gloves) and snip the leaves into a bowl. callback: cb You can also turn nettles into a liquid fertilizer by filling a barrel with the leaves and branches. forms: { { You can cook nettles the same way you prepare spinach. Remember not to pick them if they're flowering and head to shady spots where they will flower […], Your email address will not be published. I find gloves are a bother and too cumbersome to mess with. Iris, lily, palm leaves and corn husks all work really well too! Chop the nettles into medium-sized pieces. Nettle-Picking Tips. I love eating nettles early in the spring as they pop up from the cool ground, sometimes when there is still frost in the mornings. It sounds much worse than it is and for most people, the pain is gone in about 30 minutes. This post will introduce you to the foods and plants that you can and must not give your iguana. Nettle plants send out new shoots at each leaf axis if you pick the top off the plant. It will cover the best foods for iguanas, give facts about goitrogenic and high oxalate foods. The cooking water is good as a tea or soup base. May Reduce Inflammation. Nettle starting to flower. Once cooked use like spinach or basil. When those … Cooking requires several ingredients like turmeric, cornflour, salt, garlic and water. Reserve the resulting water for nettle tea. Burdock (Arctium lappa) This plant is easy to spot if you look for the annoying burrs. Fortunately, individual plants will often be at different reproductive stages depending on their location, substrate, overstory, etc. The plant has tiny hairs made of what is basically glass. They  grow in moist, rich wooded areas and places where the soil has been disturbed. The herb is generally safe to use, but it can cause side effects in some people. This is an edible wild plant well worth knowing how to harvest, store and cook. Proper diet for your green iguana is crucial. At the end you will find a table with toxic and non-toxic foods for iguana. […] ‘Making Nettle Pakoras’ below. (function() { After the bull nettle flowers a nut forms in the middle, and according to granny you just have to carefully remove the nut, peal off the casing/shell then roast them. Texas distribution, attributed to U. S. Department of Agriculture. Nettles are delicious, nutritious and you can eat them all spring and into fall if you harvest them throughout the year. You may not have realized it, as it can sometimes be fairly inconspicuous, but if you really start to pay attention to the plants around you, I’m certain that you will see it growing.

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